Meet The Team

The Farm

Birdog Flower Farm started as a dream in 2021 and became a reality 2022.  Owners Meredith and Kyle sold their house and bought their ideal farm property launching the farm with 486 tubers and a tractor. Since then we've grown quite a bit hosting U-Pick events on weekends, private events, photographers, and even the occasional yoga class.


The Farmer

Meredith has been growing for as long as she can remember.  She spent her youth with her parents in their gardens and her grandfather in his greenhouse.  Meredith fell head over heels for dahlias when watching the show Growing Floret.  She decided to bring as much beauty into her life and others as the dahlia season allows.

Before Birddog Flower Farm, Meredith worked for non-profit organization helping to fund medical research and develop education for physicians.  She still has a 9-5 but the flowers are her passion and every spare moment is spent in the field.



The Birddogs

Mozzie and Zola Rex are the inspiration behind the brand. They are a staple at the house and only allowed to visit the fields with great supervision.  While Zola behaves like a sweet baby angel, Mozzie prefers to run wild and yank blooms off the stem.



Photos provided by Melinda Hope Photography and Copper Twig Collective.